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About iTraq

The iTraq, found online at, is a new product which says that their goal is to help people keep track of their loved ones and their valuables with their GPS enabled tracker. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of the iTraq knew that people had peace of mind when they were able to know that their loves and their belongings were safe and sound, so they wanted to give them a way to track the things of value in their life.

The iTraq 3 doesn’t just show you the location of the item or person being tracker; it has many other features and abilities as well. For example, the iTraq can tell you if your item has fallen or been dropped with their Fall Sensor, and it also has the ability to track the temperature and signal you if your item’s temperature goes higher than a pre-set threshold.

This tracker also has a feature called Guard Mode, which lets people be alerted whenever their item is removed from a designated map area.  This mode lets you specify a radius on a map and whenever your iTraq leaves this area, your mobile phone will alert you. 

Finally, the iTraq comes with 2000 location reports that have expirations after one month. After the initial month of tracking service, you will need to subscribe to tracking service plan which will provide an unlimited number of reports.  

Mobile Options

The mobile application that partners with the iTraq 3 is available for both iOS and Android devices. 

Cost/Price Plans

Currently the iTraq 3 is sold out and is not available for purchase. The website lists the regular price of this product as $149.00, but if you pre-order it right now while it is out of stock you will be given the promotional price of $129.00. Customers will also need to order the iTraq subscription reporting service which is priced at $59.00 per year and will automatically renew at the end of each year. 

Refund Policy

This company says that they always want their customers to be satisfied with their purchase and if they are not, they will be able to return their product as long as they do so within 21 days of the date of delivery and the item is undamaged, in its original packaging, and includes all its original accessories. Customers will also need to be able to provide their proof of purchase in order to return their product. 

Unfortunately, iTraq subscriptions cannot be canceled and refunded. Instead, customers will need to cancel their service before it automatically renews at the end of the year to avoid any future billings. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at 


The iTraq has already issued a variety of other tracking devices with mixed reviews from their customers. Their website says that the iTraq 3 is their most loved device yet, which is why it is currently sold out. Customers who are interested in trying this device for themselves must remember how to adhere to the 21 day Refund Policy to ensure they are able to get their money back if this product does not meet their needs. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are actually many different products and mobile apps that all serve this same purpose of helping track and find their most important daily use items, including Tile App, Tile Mate, Trackr, and Nut Tracker, among others, so customers who aren’t sure if this is the best product for their needs should have many different alternatives.  

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your iTraq reviews below.

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