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Livedrive, found online at, was established in 2009 with the goal of creating cloud storage technology that will “revolutionize” the way people store and access files, photos, music, and other digital content.

Livedrive says that they are one of the world’s leading cloud storage companies, having grown “exponentially” since they began offering their services, and currently working with over 500,000 paying customers worldwide.

Cloud storage is a specific type of virtual storage where data is stored online and hosted by third party companies. The company promises that their storage is unlimited, secure, and will be there “forever.”

There are a few different types of accounts you can have with this company. You can have an account just for BackUp which costs $6 a month, or pay $12 a month for their “Briefcase” account which includes backup, file sharing, and free mobile apps.

Finally, they have a Pro Suite account for $19 a month which gives you the abilities of both the BackUp account and the Briefcase account, as well as priority service.

Livedrive also has a popular “reseller” program, which is different than an affiliate program. This program allows you to sell online backup, remote access, and cloud storage to your own customers.

To be a reseller, you must pay a monthly fee of $59.95. This fee will get you a complete toolbox so you can run your customer accounts. You can create as many accounts as you need for the same monthly fee, and the cost of your own personal cloud storage account is included in that fee as well.

Livedrive has also partnered up with another cloud storage website available in the United Kingdom called KnowHow Cloud. If you are interested in learning more about what Livedrive has to offer compared to the competition, you may be interested in reading the review available on CNET.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your Livedrive reviews below.

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Gretanise Park

Live Drive

April22, 2013

The future is in the cloud !

Recently I stumbled upon this website, not because I wanted to have a future in the cloud but I wanted to make some money online.And it was the best opportunity I have ever found in my lifetime.

Here is the deal, this company provides online storage services on multiple levels : home, business and son on. Basically when you sign up and pay their monthly fee, you are able to store all the files in your computer online, so that if there in case your computer crashes, you don't lose your important documents. It is a back up online service

Here are some of the details of their services:

-Sync files online and across all your computers

- Work on the same files on your PC and Mac

-Share files easily and access everything from the web 2TB of cloud storage space as standard

- Faster, more secure and more feature rich than competing products

Now they also have an affiliate program that you might want to check out. They give their affiliate member $200 for every customer they bring in.

Let's say you have 3 friends, and you convince them to try their service just for a month. Each of your friend will pay $6 dollars for the subscription fee and them, you make $600 for your three paid members. Now suppose that you have 10 friends who decide to try the product on your behalf, that is $2000 on your account.

I have started 2 weeks ago, and I have made $3,400.

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