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About Looney Tunes Clickn Read Phonics

Looney Tunes Phonics is an animated interactive educational program that makes learning fun for kids as young as three and for adults who are learning a second language. Students with learning disabilities are also able to use this program with ease. The key skills and concepts introduced in this program are learning to read, form words, construct sentences, spell and even keyboard skills.

The Looney Tunes ClickN Read Phonics curriculum was developed by Dr. J Ron Nelson, a nationally recognized early education research professor. This research-based curriculum is aligned to meet school requirements.

There are 100 lessons integrated into this learning platform, each one takes approximately 20-50 minutes to complete. In addition to the lessons, flashcards, downloadable worksheets and short stories are some additional resources included in the program to aid in the learning process.

The initial Looney Tunes Phonics setup is quick and can be used almost immediately because it is an online platform. Each user’s information is saved in their account and stored in remote servers. This information is compiled and analyzed into reports tracking that student’s progress; it will reveal the areas in which they are improving and those in which they are lacking.

Before buying a subscription plan, there are free sample lessons that are accessible online directly through their homepage. Pricing packages are available for home schooling, family use, and schools. There are plans that only include the Looney Tunes Phonics and there are bundle plans that include the Looney Tunes Phonics as well as ClickN SPELL.

An annual basic subscription for a home schooling program, with less than ten students, costs $29.95 per user, the lifetime subscription costs $39.95. The annual bundle plan costs $39.95 per user and the lifetime bundle subscription costs $59.95 per user. For a one-time payment of $149.95, there is a Lifetime Family Pack. This subscription plan comes with 3 user accounts for Looney Tunes Phonics and 3 user accounts for ClickN SPELL. Schools are afforded with two annual plan options for their students; each teacher is allowed a maximum of 36 seats. The Looney Tunes Phonics annual plan costs $12.00 per user, while the annual student bundle plan costs $20.00 per user.

Accounts can be cancelled at any time, but refunds are only given for certain subscription plans. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee or a full lesson plan guarantee, in the rare case a student does not learn to read after all 100 lessons have been completed.

Both parents and teachers were impressed with the program and its ability to capture their student’s/child’s attention.  It seems just as the child’s attention starts to wander, they are pulled back into focus when the animation segments play. Because the curriculum is guided by an on screen instructor, children can use it on their own. It seems as if it is an affordable, worthwhile program that has been used successfully for a long time. You never know what learning tool is going to be the most effecting for a child until you try it.

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