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Malware Sniper Reviews Legit or Scam?

January11, 2014

Website Security is so special today, as its core is securing someone who puts a high value on internet visitors and his business. So for instance an online business in need of website security places a high value on their web security because they want to stay competitive on the market, and not get blacklisted or hacked by some hungry hackers
also they want to be able to get notified instantly about anything malicious on their website.

Malware Sniper is the new gold standard in website security market. This product, is designed especially to inspect and notify people instantly for all kind of malicious codes on their website, with detailed alerts right on their desktop or browser, as well as techniques on how to remove them, with certified efficiency.

We all know, how hard is to check every single page of our own website and try to figure out if any malicious code are embedded or hidden on it. With malware sniper this is a past, as It automatically crawls your website and checks every single page with artificial inteligence for any type of malicious code. And the best thing is that it works externally, so you do not have to be a super ninja web master with extreme knowledge to set it up, no ftp details are needed, no codes to be added in your page. It is simple as 1..2..3, you just add your website and it is instantly monitored.

The concept is simple. There are two editions of Malware Sniper. You can go with the saas or the client side edition, they both come really handy. For the saas edition, all tasks are executed from their servers and displayed to your browser, unlike the client edition that requires your own windows computer to do the work. You can find out more information on their official website.

Within less than 60 seconds, you can have your whole website inspected in real time for any kind of malicious codes, that might affect your business and your visitors. Malware sniper will make sure that your business will stay successful and secure.

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