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Math Made Easy is a multi-media tutorial review program for students in elementary school, middle school, high school and college. The lessons are available in DVD’s for math subjects starting from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus and statistics.
Watching instructors in these video tutorials, as they explain math problems in detailed step-by-step directions, allows students to follow along at a steady pace without interruption. Not only do parents purchase the Math Made Easy DVD programs for their children to use at home, but teachers nationwide have integrated them into their class curriculums.
The methods used to show students how to solve math equations are clearly and easily understood by students with different learning styles. The videos have colorful computer graphics to aid in the comprehension of abstract math concepts. Students participate in exercises during the lesson; after completing an entire section they can see their progress through the use of free online practice tests.
Before purchasing the Math Made Easy learning system, a free sample of the math software and a free diagnostic test can be obtained by filling out the online request form. The sample is sent directly to your email for instant access. The full program can be purchased directly on their website as well as other retail websites and they can even be found in some local retail stores.
Each program package includes approximately 4-6 interactive DVD’s at a cost of $181.97 with the exception of the GED program series which includes 15 DVD’s and costs $279.95. Each set comes with a 30 day money backed guarantee. Additionally, exchanging programs is allowed as long as it is done within 90 days from receipt. These DVD’s are compatible with home, portable, PC and laptop DVD players.
On the Math Made Easy website there are also individual and group tutoring services available for Math, Science and English. Tutoring sessions can be purchased in hour increments; 1 hour costs $40.00, 5 hours costs $180.00, and 10 hours costs $320.00. With the purchase of a tutoring package, students are afforded with free unlimited access to the interactive practice testing site.
Online tutoring is made possible through a whiteboard technology. Communicating with a tutor through this system can be optimized with a webcam and a microphone for audio and visual communication. Tutors are hand selected based on their expertise in a subject and have advanced educational degrees. 
Reviews discuss the benefits of using Math Made Easy DVD programs, primarily addressing the student’s ability to control the pace of each lesson. Some students simply need more time to learn mathematical concepts and the time allotted in each class period is not adequate. Now, students can watch the video as many times as they want, practice as often as they need and test themselves until they have successfully mastered different equations.

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DVDs don't run on my MAC

September12, 2015

I spent a lot of money and got the DVDS but hey they don't work ! None even asked me what computer system I was running.
the Company is 2 blocks from my apt, but guess what... they don't keep the dads there.
Good thing I was not enrolled yet in a class.. I guess I have to wait for that.

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