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MiMedia backup solution allows you access your computer files from anywhere. This software syncs with Cloud and is where your data backup is transferred to.

Installing the program and setting up an online account is simple; step-by-step directions from Word Wizard makes the process effortless. You can set it to automatically backup your files and you also have the ability to add files directly from your desktop. MiMedia allows you to backup videos, pictures, and any other files you choose.

By simply logging into your online account, from anywhere, you have instant access to all of your files. This means you can listen to your music, watch your videos, and share your photos at any time. Another great feature in your online account is that you can run a computer backup from anywhere at any time.

There is no limit of devices you can backup with one account; which means you can backup more than one computer and even external drives. The only limit you are sanctioned by is your storage space and there are different options to choose from.

7GB is free; all you need to do download MiMedia to your computer. Without having to provide a credit card, you can begin to backup up to 7 GB of data. This amount of space however is not enough for most. If you need more than 7 GB, there are four paid premium packages to choose from that all come with a 30 day free trial.

The first premium package is 100 GB of storage for $4.99/month or $49.00/year.  The second package holds 250 GB of storage and costs $9.99/month or $99.00/year. For 500 GB of storage, the third package costs $20.00/month or $199.00/year. The largest premium package holds 1 TB of storage, this one costs $35.00/month and $325.00/year. There are no refunds for paid subscriptions.

These packages also include free access to a shuttle drive. If you request a shuttle drive, MiMedia will send it to you; after downloading your files to the drive, sent it directly back to them for safekeeping. MiMedia backups are stored in many Tier 1 data centers. They have more than one center so your data will also be safely kept and always available.

There are two issues to this software application. The first issue is that as of right now MiMedia is not compatible with MAC; however, that will not be the case for must longer. The second issue is pertaining to the safety of the files. MiMedia uses a Tier 1 security platform, which is the lowest of the security levels. Most online backup programs have been using Tier 2 and Tier 3 security levels.

For the most part this online backup software is an overall decent program. They offer customer service through their site including live chat, phone, and email support. The available 7 GB of free storage is a great way to start out to test the programs ease of use. Most other backup plans make you pay per computer which can become costly. MiMedia’s packages are fairly priced and they allow you to control the number of computers and devices you backup. Before using MiMedia to backup your files containing sensitive data, dig deeper into the facts regarding their Tier one security platform.

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Terrible service and awful product

October22, 2014

If I could give it one star I would. I would not recommend their new product to anyone for any reason, based on the roll out and treatment of their current clients during the process. I am locked out of my account, have not gotten any communication about the transition to the new product since April (6 months ago), for three entire days their URL was completely deactivated, and support remains non-existent. Since I have files I uploaded directly via the website, this constitutes a theft of my personal documents. I have paid for access for an entire year, yet have been blocked from my account both to back up new files but also to recover files I have uploaded. This is completely unacceptable and possibly illegal.

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Where is the support ?

April26, 2014

I signed up for the free account a month ago. It does what promised. However about 10 days in while trying to upload files, a Windows notice said my computer security settings would block the application on the next update. . their certificate is expired--by almost a year.
I wrote to suipport-- no response or acknowledgment in 2 weeks. Then indeed it was blocked from running, I wrote again stressing the importance of addressing the problem Again, no response in 6 days (so far)..

The MiMedia support email even has priority levels to be assigned by the customer-- a 'high priority' didn't get me anywhere.. . Meanwhile they are busy preparing to launch a new, bigger version of the program for summer. That's great, what what about now? I can't use it until they fix their problem.

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May 23, 2014

MiMedia so-called 'customer support' never did respond to me.
I was never able to use the program past the short time at the beginning.
So I deleted everything MiMedia from my computer & cancelled my account. . The stock acknowlegment of the cancellation --sorry to see you go, blah blah blah-- asked for feedback. I told them exactly why I cancelled. . and got no response back. Nice.

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Mac Issues

March25, 2013

When backing up in both active and standby modes it will gobble up your CPU activity anywhere from 49%-134%. If you are using any other serious applications on your Mac (ie Parallels or CS6) forget it. It will crush you.

Also, when it backs up your files, any files that are saved in the new XML style format, it will parse that file and save any graphical component as a separate PHOTO. So you cannot recover those files later, if necessary...unless you are some kind of computer scientist that can figure out how to put that parsing back together.

Unless they learn how to back up files and stop hogging the CPU - they are not good programmers and not worthy of my business.

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