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MindInsole has dedicated themselves to creating reflexology products that truly work. Their products partner long-standing tradition of ancient medicines with scientifically-proven innovative technologies to create products that provide holistic and natural solutions to variety of your everyday problems.

Their designs have gone through scientific research and have been tried by the creators before the final product is presented, ensuring that you, the customer, receives the best acupoint massages in the market. MindInsole takes great pride in their product, and if you are not completely satisfied by your purchase, you may even exchange your purchase.


MindInsole is a unisex acupressure shoe insert/shoe insole that can help you with a variety of ailments. The shoe insole massages key areas of your feet with the massage points and special magnets that are on the product. Each insole is scientifically designed with 12 large acupoints for your foot’s arch, 120 medium acupoints for general massage and soothing, 270 micro acupoints for increased circulation, 5 cooling magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves on each foot.

The shoe insole has an airflow design which makes sure the feet stays cool and dry even when it is added into the shoe. The MindInsole is also designed to fit all sizes. They come with a trimmable guideline and are made from easy-to-cut material. They are also easily cleanable and only need to be air-dried.

The MindInsole is targeted to relieve overall body pain, cool and soothe feet and boost endurance. The upper acupoints are directed towards the chakra of personal power, while the core arch acupoints are directed towards the chakra of body functions and the lower sole acupoints are directed towards the chakra of body energy.

In general, the MindInsole should help relieve your back pain and sore feet, boost endurance, strengthen your muscles, naturally flush toxins and improve blood circulation. The insoles should promote total body wellness as every step you take is a massage that rejuvenates and heals your body.

Some customers found that after using the insoles, they were able to return to a better state of health and were able to resume with some more rigorous activities like dancing and sports after they wore these insoles for awhile.

How Does It Work?

The product is very easy to use. Simply slip them into the shoe of your choice and start walking!

In the beginning, it can be a little odd because the acupressure points are more noticeable but they quickly disappear after a day or two of use. Within the first week, you will probably notice a difference in your wellbeing.

With more use, you may start feeling more energetic, feel much healthier and feel less pain. In the long-term, you may find that some of your health ailments have improved by simply walking with these insoles. However, these insoles are also compatible with others activities like working out. They were made to be compatible with any activity you may choose to do.

Cost and Price Plans

MindInsole offers a variety of offers. They have a package where if you buy 3 pairs of MindInsoles, you can get a buy 3 get 1 free offer at $38.99 per shoe. Conversely, if you only want one MindInsole, you may get just one for the same unit price.

However, if you choose to purchase more MindInsoles at a time, you get a larger discount rate the more you purchase. For example, buying two insoles gets you a 40% discount, three insoles gets you 50% off, four insoles gets you 55% off and five insoles gets you 57% off. You also get free shipping for your orders.

Competitors and Alternatives

MindInsoles are unique as shoe insoles because they provide a healing quality. However, other shoe insoles/shoe inserts may solve some other foot problems you may face.

For example, HappyStep Memory Foam Insoles provide extra cushy support for individuals with high arches. On the other hand, Spenco RX Full Support Insoles are made for flat-footed individuals. The insole serves as a cushioning layer that absorbs shock and helps maintain posture.

These two aforementioned shoe insoles are more specialized choices that target specific issues.

Conversely, there are some insoles that are meant for all-day walking like the Sof Sole by Airr Orthotic. It is also shock-absorbent because the insoles have air bubbles that provide heel and arch support regardless of foot type.

Another choice for all-day standing is the Superfeet Green Full Length Insole that has a super deep heel cup to maximize support and position of your soft tissue to naturally absorb shock. It also fits a variety of foot types and concerns.

These competitors can provide support and comfort but none of them really help in healing health ailments like the MindInsole.

Where to Buy?

The best way to purchase the MindInsole is to get it on the MindInsole website. The order page offers a variety of packages and different discount prices depending on what kind of bulk purchase you may be making.

By visiting their website, you can also find out more about their product and view their FAQ if you have any more inquiries.


If you are currently suffering from ailments like back pain, headaches or lethargy, you may want to try the MindInsole. Unlike other alternatives, this shoe insert is unique because it has the potential to heal your pains and ills.

Other choices often only provide comfort and support but does not help resolve or alleviate your other health problems. Additionally, these inserts are very easy to use. They are customizable and they can fit both men and women, so anyone can use them.

By simply fitting it into your shoes and walking in them, you could potentially feel a lot better over a few days to months.

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