About is the online home of Motorcycle House, a company that says they are committed to providing their customers with everything for their cycling needs as well as superior customer service. 

How Does It Work?

The website states that they work hard to ensure that all their customers’ needs are met, which means not only that the carry all the parts and supplies you need for your motorcycles and other power vehicle equipment, but that they are able to provide these items to you with high quality service. 

This means that they provide their customers with personal assistance whenever they need it, real time order tracking so you know exactly where your part is in the delivery process, as well as any other customer service needs you may have. 

Customers can go to their website and search for a specific item they may be looking for by using their website's search feature, or you can do a more general search by category.

Their categories include vehicle classifications like Cruiser, Street, Dirt, Adventure, ATV, UTV, Scooter, and Snow, as well as categories dedicated to additional needs, like Gear for Women, Gear for Men, Helmets, Luggage, Parts, Tires, and Closeouts.

Cost/Price Plans carries such a wide variety of products that there is no way of providing a set price range. However, they do provide their customers with a Low Price Guarantee, which states that any customer that finds a lower advertised price from any authorized US dealer on an in-stock product should call or email them, and they will match any verifiable price. 

In order to take advantage of their Price Match, you must contact their Customer Service team before you finalize your purchase. The website provides a full list of Low Price Guarantee criteria, as well as a full list of products that are excluded from this service. 

Refund Policy

The website says that their customers have 30 days from the date listed on their invoice to make a return, unless you made your purchase during the Christmas season, in which case you will be given a 45 day return period. All merchandise should be returned unused and undamaged and sent via UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Shipping fees are non-refundable.

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to the website through their Contact Us link or by using their website’s Live Chat feature when it is available.  


Unfortunately there does not appear to be many customer reviews of this company at this time, though there are a few reviews of this company from bloggers and other cycling websites which are all positive in nature. 

It can seem intimidating for customers to order products – especially expensive products – from a company where there are not many customer reviews, but this company does offer a Low Price Guarantee, easy access to Customer Service, and a fair Refund Policy, so customers may feel willing to order from this website, especially if their initial purchase is on the inexpensive side. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are other online retailers that specialize in this type of gear and equipment, like and, but some items may be found at your local auto supply and sporting goods stores as well, depending on what you are looking for.   

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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September13, 2018

Ordered and payed for a set of saddle bags from motorcycle house UK on august 12 and they still have not shipped one month later. I have tried reaching motorcycle house UK on several occasions by both e-mail and phone but no response. I finally got an answer from Chris at, so far as I can tell, the US branch after which the order status changed from "awaiting fulfillment" to "awaiting shipment". This was two weeks ago and the bags still have not shipped...

For motorcycle house: the order number is 210768 if you actually have any intention of fulfilling the order.

/Magnus Alm

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Misleading Shipping Information

August24, 2018

I ordered a jacket with the understanding via their shipping policy that the order would be fulfilled and shipped on the same day with a 3-5 business day delivery.
"All orders are shipped on same day, if ordered before noon EST, and you’ll get your order tracking number within 4-5 hours."
"We use all the major shipping carriers i.e. U.S Postal Services (USPS), UPS & FedEx. So no matter where you are located in continental United States we assure your order is delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days."
Over 24 hours later my order status was still "Awaiting Fulfillment". The online rep told my that the shipping policy is 5-7 business days. I pointed out the policy statement and his response was that he would have to get a message to IT to change it.
Another 24 hours later, still not tracking number. I cancelled by order. I couldn't reach anyone by phone so I had to use the online rep again and I hope my bank account pending charge disappears soon.
I wanted the jacket for a trip but I would have gotten it while I was away. (if at all).
If you're hoping to

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July30, 2018

Ordered a pair of saddlebags from UK store in June.
Money paid same day with credit card.
NO gods recieved. Order placed on "pending" for 5 weeks.
Tried to cancel the order and get money refunded.
Now they don`t reply to my emails.
Giant Rip-off
No doubt anymore..! SCAMMERS. Stay clear!

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June7, 2017

Absolute joke
Took them two weeks to respond, after i brought the item and paid same day.
Couldn't contact them at all phone numbers not working constantly getting on hold.
Then i finally manage to catch someone calked John on life chat. His promised that money will be refunded to me in 24 hours, never happened.
So basically i paid £180 for nothing

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Unflexible Shipping

April29, 2017

I tecently ordered a new helmet from here and asked to have it shipped to my work place rather than my home. It gives the option to ship this way when ordering. Then I get an email for me to call them to verify my address differences. I call and speak to someone who verifies everything does the 20 question thing and all seems well. He said I would get an email when my order has shipped. 2 business days go by and I still have not recieved an email on my order. I called back in and spoke to Jose who now tells me that they cant ship to my address, that they have to ship directly to my billing address. This is a gift and I do not want them to open up a delivery package so I shipped to my office. If you want to compete in the .com business world you cant be so rigid. My order was cancelled.

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