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About is a new computer optimization program from a Danish software company which promises they can give can scan and debug your computer in just two minutes, resulting in a “faster computer now.” is software which cleans your PCs registry. A registry is your computer’s ongoing record of the files and programs it regularly accesses, which means this software will not be compatible with Macs, as registries are featured only in PCs.

Every time programs are installed, updated, or removed, they leave behind files and fragments. These files and fragments, as well as duplicate or unnecessary files, can build up in your registry and potentially slow the performance of your computer.

The website says that their software can scan your computer, identify the unnecessary or duplicate files in your registry as well as potential bugs in your system in just two minutes.

After allowing MyPCwash to address these issues for you, they claim you will notice an immediate increase in your computer’s speed – up to 80% faster – and stability. They further say this software will extend the life of your PC.

According to the sales page, you can download a 3 day trial of the full version of the software for just $4.78. This free version will identify up to 35 different errors or issues on your PC, but in order to do a full scan you will need to upgrade to the paid version.

If you do not cancel the 3 day trial, you will be charged $12, and another $24.50 every 30 days to maintain your subscription to the service.

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