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About Perfect Origins

Perfect Origins is both the website and the nutritional product company of Dr. Charles Livingston, who promises that his only goal is that his customers live the healthiest life possible using the greatest products which are backed by the best science.

His website offers a video presentation that is all about his unique, patented weight loss and wellness supplement product called LivLean Formula, which focuses on getting your body in shape to lose weight and keep it off. Perfect Origins also offers a bonus gift of the Fat Burning System guide to new customers. 

How Does It Work?

According to the website, most people who have become overweight have a problem with a dysfunctional liver. People with liver problems cannot burn or process fat the way they need to, and without proper liver function, people gain weight and store it right around their midsection.

Regular dieting will not fix your liver problems, so you need a product that will provide a liver cleanse and get it working correctly again so that you can not only lose weight, but keep it off once it is gone. The goal of LivLean Formula is to do exactly that.

Cost/Price Plans

A 30 day supply of their product currently costs $67, but since they encourage their customers to use it for longer periods of time for better weight loss effects, they also offer a three month supply for $179, and a six month supply for $327.

Ingredients and Side Effects

The main ingredient in their supplement is Milk Thistle, or Silymarin, which protects and regenerates the liver and was shown to help the average user lose 18 lbs more than placebo users when they took 200 mg a day.

The product also includes Selenium, to boost metabolism and help the liver process fat, as well as thirteen other "powerful" and natural ingredients that have been shown to assist in the weight loss and wellness process. 

Refund Policy

Perfect Origins Terms and Condition offers a "365 day money back guarantee." All their customers have to do is return the unused portion of your product, or even the empty bottle, along with an RMA number you have gotten from Customer Service and the original invoice you received with your order.

However, their video presentation says that their products are sold through, so customers who have issues can always contact them for further assistance. 

Customer Service Contact Info

This company offers a published phone number of (800) 815-6073, and a mailing address, 1950 E Greyhound Pass, Ste 18-344, Carmel, IN 46033, and though they currently do not have a published email address, you can submit questions or complaints directly to their website.


While there are hardly any reviews concerning this product's effectiveness for weight loss goals, there are reviews of the company and it's policies, and many of them state that receiving a refund from this company was almost impossible - most of the complaints stated that Customer Service was not helpful and would not return emails or phone calls.

Is It Safe?

There does not seem to be any complaints regarding safety at this time.

Competitors and Alternatives?

Many different supplements are marketed to men and women trying to lose weight, including, Food Lovers Fat Loss, Fat Loss Factor, and many more. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Perfect Origins reviews below.

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November6, 2014

I can pretty easily lose and gain weight. It depends on my food exercise and supplements. This supplement literally made me GAIN 2+ pounds in a month while I ate super healthy and exercised hard and frequently! !

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February 22, 2015

It would be so much easier if we could still tar and feather all the snake oil vendors as in the past. Unfortunately for all of us, they now have the law on their side.

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Good product, but a cheaper alternative with same ingredients available

September15, 2014

LivLean lives up to what was marketed to me. I lost weight, I lost belly fat, I feal leaner and I feel better.

However, LivLean is too expensive. There is a product named "Liver Support and Detox" by Cultao that has the exact same ingredients at about half the price. It's available on

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Recommended LivLean

August28, 2014

Since I added LivLean to my diet I have seen boosts in the amount of weight that I have been losing. In three weeks I have lost 7 pounds. Before taking LivLean I was only able to lose 3 pounds in three weeks following the exact same diet and workout schedule that I currently am now. My friends and family have noticed the weight that I have lost. It feels good when people take notice. I would recommend LivLean to anyone who is trying to lose some extra weight.

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Finally, a product that works

August26, 2014

I was pretty skeptical about using this product, so I started out with a 30 day supply. After about 2 weeks, I began to notice subtle differences in my weight. Fast forward to today, I've been using it for about 4 months and have dropped a considerable amount of weight (45 lbs). Of course I have been working out and eating right, but Perfect Origins has really made a difference for me.

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Live Lean effectiveness

July18, 2014

Results are not it yet. After one month there is no evidence of weight loss but then gym and exercise time has been reduced this summer and i DO NOT EXPECT that swallowing a pill BY ITSELF is a magic potion. However, I cannot seem to access the Pdf that first accompanied the sales pitch and after the first effort to contact customer service, "all representatives were busy" and I was only able to leave a message. Hmmmmmmm.

Jury is still out.

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