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Philosopher’s Notes, by Brian Johnson, is a special product available from Mindvalley Academy that promises to help anyone who is interested “hack” reading the most important books available in the life improvement industry today.
According to their website, Brian Johnson was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who made million dollar websites who decided to sell his company, move to Bali, and begin reading all the books he never had time to when he was a full time business owner.
He soon discovered that these books would extremely helpful for people that he knew who wanted to get ahead or make a difference in their lives, but who simply didn’t have the time to sit and read these “monster” books and absorb their lessons.
Johnson says that even if a book’s ideas could be wrapped up into a 20 page booklet, a publisher will make them expand the book to much larger sizes so that consumers will feel better paying $15 or $20 for it.
So he decided to take these books and boil them down to their most important lessons himself, and created Philosopher’s Notes, where the lessons of these important books are condensed into 20 minute PDF and audio summaries.
Philosopher’s Notes are divided into five categories including Happiness and Positive Living, People Skills and Social Life, Spiritual Growth, Wealth and Abundance, and Health and Fitness. Each category has multiple different “notes” and as an introduction to his system, Brian Johnson lets you choose your first note for free.
After you have finished with your free note, you can choose to purchase the rest of the notes in your category for a short term discounted price. Customers that make this purchase but then later find a reason to cancel this purchase or ask for a refund must follow the Mindvalley Academy return and cancellation policy.
If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Philosopher’s Notes reviews below.

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Philosopher's Notes

February1, 2018

Excellent resource and well worth the money! Brian has over 400 summaries in 6 page PDFs/ 20 minute audio. Many of the 400 are also presented on video. In addition, there are several video mini-courses on various topics of self-improvement.
Great customer service! All of my emails have been answered and some of them by Brian Johnson himself!
Get the lifetime membership! A great investment!
Reggie from Canada

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March 21, 2018

HI there Reggie!

Thank you for the positive feedback. This is currently not being offered in Mindvalley anymore but if you wish to know available products please visit our website for more details >
Feel free to visit our support center for additional inquiries.

Love and Light,

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