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About Sam Ovens is the online home and website for Sam Ovens, a digital marketing consultant from New Zealand who is offering his services to clients all over the world.   

How Does It Work?

Sam Ovens started out as the CEO and founder of SnapInspect, which was a property inspection application created for property management companies which helps managers inspect rental properties using their smartphones or tablets. Their website says that this application is now the “global market leader in the property inspection software space.”

Since selling that application, Sam Ovens has become a digital marketing consultant who helps companies “profit wildly.” He says that his clients are some of the fastest growing companies in New Zealand and Australia, and that he has been responsible for helping them gain “choke holds” in their respective markets. 

If you are a customer who is interested in their consulting services, you can either submit your email address to their website or contact them directly by email to see what they might be able to do for you and your company.   

Cost/Price Plans

The website provides no information about the prices of their consulting services or any other products they may be selling, other than to offer people access to some free consulting information if they submit their email address to their website. Customers will need to contact them by email to get any information regarding pricing or costs of their services. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately this website does not provide any information on their website about refunds, likely because they do not sell any products or contract any services through their website. In order to take advantage of their consulting services, you will need to contact them directly, and at this time you are welcome to ask them about whether or not they have any policies in place which might protect your investment if you choose to cancel your contract or are unhappy with the service you receive.      

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected] While their website does mention “listed phone numbers,” it doesn’t actually appear as though they publish any contact numbers for the public at this time. 


There are actually very few reviews available for Sam Ovens or his consulting business at this time, but there are some evaluations of his business that customers can make directly from his website.

For example, this website makes a lot of criticisms of other digital marketers, referring to them as “design oriented hipsters on fancy Mac computers with their only objectives being advertising awards” and saying that they are only interested in making “cutesy designs” and not on actually getting customers for your company.

But the Sam Ovens website is actually poorly designed, offers little to no information to prospective customers, and the little information they do offer is repetitive, poorly worded, and riddled with grammar mistakes, as though this man who is trying to convince you to pay him to work on your website didn’t even take five minutes to review his own before making it live to the public. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many, many different people that act as self-help personalities and provide guidance through books, seminars, podcasts, and websites, as well as people who promote their life-coaching as an important opportunity for you to make money and be financially successfully.  

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Sam Ovens reviews below.

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October19, 2018

The webinar is not 2 hours as promised its 31/2 hours and they make you stay until the bitter end to just get the webinar slides. Then you need to ask about getting them. I was not in a happy place by the end. Time is money. If he is honest, he’d be honest about the time. Ive learned in life if a person lies once about small things, they won’t have a problem lying about big things. The course offered is far too complicated for a person “just starting” a business. If he wants to help people succeed he should charge realistic prices, sell small modules and you continue to buy each module as you learn. This all sounded too pie in the sky. Not saying it hasn’t helped people, I believe it has but the webinar is not to help you, its to sell you his complex expensive course. A first promise is ultimately important to keep to build trust.

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1 Review

Best course available for budding Consultants

October3, 2018

Reviews can really only be completed by people who have taken a course and evaluated the contents, not those who judged a book by a cover or didn't like the initial sales/info webinar.

I really think Sam and do themselves more harm than good with the cheesy photos in front of private jets and motorbikes inside Manhatten apartments, but then again maybe it did subconsciously attract me to look into it all a bit further and eventually research it and sign up for the course...

Ultimately people seem to either love this course and the community or steer clear of it like it's the plague! There's no doubt for me that it has provided HUGE value in starting my own business.

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Best Course on Mindset I've Ever Taken

April16, 2018

Sam is the real deal. Knowledgeable, transparent, and generous. He shares everything he has learned about mindset, becoming successful, sales, FB funnels, you name it. He also gets on FB live for two hours to answer questions every week. There is no question, he's not going to hand you a million dollars on a silver platter. You have to do the work, but he lays out the strategy, much like Grant Cardone. He has and will continue to make millionaires, no question.
But you have to become the person who can make it happen.

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1 Review

Red Flag

October31, 2017

I've seen lots of billionaires and many wealthy people, One thing about them is that they appear simple in public no mater how rich they are, they don't pose for pics to show off their wealth; jets, expensive cars etc. These tactics are only used by scammers.

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April 09, 2018

Lol, where do you hang out? If they flaunted their wealth I'm sure your comment would still end with "these tactics are only used by scammers"...

I recently provided my own thoughts as to whether Sam and his Consulting Accelerator course are a genuine scam. This was based on what I could determine before I purchased the course and my experience since joining.

September 06, 2018

I know several millionaires myself. They drive mostly hybrids, Hondas, Toyotas, maybe a Lexus. Some Mercedes, but they are exceptions. They don't pose for pics in front of their private jet before they travel...I agree. Sam definitely had an agenda, but that doesn't make it a scam, only a red flag like Anthony said. The proof would be in the course. If I were him and I believed I could teach someone to make plenty of money consulting, then I would do a revenue share with each person. Until he makes that offer, I would stay away.

October 19, 2018

Jeff, that is so true! Well said

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Fraud - Stay Away From It

October30, 2017

You don't need this course to succeed, you need determination.
This course is built with 1 GOAL in MIND!
To take your money & Make Sure You NEVER GET IT BACK!

Sam offers a 30 day money back guarantee, but most of their money has been spent redefining a system to fool people, force them to break the TOS & Never return their money

They have planned this so well, that the system is built with follow up emails, delayed responses & useless replies to waste your time past the 30 days and never refund you..

it is 30-day action based money back guarantee. Meaning you will have tons of homework & MOST OF IT USELESS WORK.

More homework than you had in school, the goal isnt to help you but to take your money and force you to find a way to earn it back yourself.

their training is general. they don't help you become an expert. you still need to find a niche and be an expert.

don't waste your money.

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