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About Studypool

Studypool, found online at, is a new website that allows their members to post homework help questions whenever they need and receive responses and help by qualified and experienced tutors. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the goal of Studypool is to give their members access to an online marketplace where students and tutors can connect any time of day so that homework or study help can be had exactly when it is needed.

To get started, all you have to do is create an account on their website and then post your academic question. When posting your question, you will need to provide both a time limit and a price range for what you are willing to pay so that the website can provide you with their recommendation of tutors and so available tutors can make a bid to answer your question.

Customers who don’t want to go with the recommended tutors are welcome to choose their own tutors based on their published reputation, which includes reviews, statistics, and profiles. 

To become a Studypool tutor, applicants will need to pass a screening process and provide proof of education and identity, and once they are established as a tutor they will be placed in one of three tiers. The first is their Standard Tier, which is for all tutors who have passed screening and maintain a satisfaction rate of 85-90%. The Premier Tier is for experienced, high quality tutors that maintain a satisfaction rate of 90%-100%, and the Ivy League Tier is for tutors from esteemed universities with a satisfaction rate above 93% on questions over $15.  

Cost/Price Plans

There isn’t necessarily a standard or set price for their services. When a student posts a question, they are required to tell the tutors how much they are willing to pay to have the question resolved. Tutors are instructed to be mindful of the budget and time limit, but may request a higher price or more time if they feel your expectations are unrealistic. The website says that the more flexible you are willing to be with both your time and your budget, the better your chances will be of getting good bids.

Students are also welcome to make a specific question as a “Study Emergency” in order to notify all top tutors about your questions and maximize its exposure on their site. Your question will be marked with a red emergency badge and your question will be bumped to the top of the listings to ensure it gets constant exposure from their tutors. All “Study Emergency” questions will be charged an additional $2.85, which will be added to your final payment. 

Refund Policy

Studypool allows all students to request refunds on questions they feel were not satisfactorily answered, and the company will then have full discretion to determine whether or not to award a refund. 

To do this, they will review your tutoring session closely and determine whether or not the tutor provided quality help. If the tutor provided quality help, a refund will not be given. In order to best help them make their assessment, they ask that you provide them with as much information as possible, including screenshots of low quality, plagiarism checker results, and anything that helps the moderation team make a decision towards approving the refund.   

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by submitting them directly to their website through their Contact Us link. 


This service actually appears to suffer from a serious complaint at this time, with a large number of customers saying that they believed they had a legitimate complaint about the quality of the response they were given, but their refund request was denied or actually was never responded to.

The lack of a response is far more concerning than a refund refusal, as it shows a serious lack of customer service and company ethics. Still, there does appear to be a number of customers who claim to be very happy with this service, so customers may want to try this service for themselves but should keep in mind that they may not be able to get a refund if they are unhappy with what they receive.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other online tutoring services available online, but most of them are set up for full tutoring sessions in specific categories which take place over time, rather than simply answer a single question one at a time, so customers should consider what their specific needs are before looking for an alternative to this company. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Studypool reviews below.

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1 Review

Studypool gives wrong answers on time

September12, 2018

It's just frustrating to pay money for an answer on my physics homework then get a response like "kindly accept my bid now i will provide." Provide what? All i got was the wrong answer delivered on time.

I had to scramble on studygate to find the answer. I was lucky they were on time cuz i wasted so much time on studypool. Just glad I finally found a dependable website for hw help

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January 09, 2019

Hello there, I’m Amber from Studypool. I’m in charge of Customer Success.
We apologize for the frustration you might have experienced on our platform. To clarify the inconvenience you posted, let me explain things further.
When posting a question on Studypool, you get a tutor recommendation whilst having the option of selecting a tutor yourself.
Unfortunately, we do not grant refunds once a tutor has been assigned, if the tutor has worked on a question. The tutor deserves the funds to be transferred if they actually worked on your question. If you go through,, you will find some reasons why we won’t grant refunds.
Next time, if you are not satisfied with a tutor’s work, you must file a Withdrawal Appeal. You can appeal after the question's delivery time has elapsed with as much evidence as possible on the question's page conversation board.
Although our investigations are thorough, if you give us your username and question link we can investigate further and explain why a certain decision was made.

Feel free to send this to me at [email protected] Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Amber S.
Studypool Customer Success

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1 Review

Horrible, Don't Bother

March26, 2017

This is an excellent example of a fake review, and a spin artist employed to look like someone who actually cares about the people who work on this site. "Amber" is nothing like the people who are actually employed to answer questions on the site, who are condescending right off the bat, --they do not introduce themselves, greet you in any way, or inquire. They demand a link or screenshot, and if you're lucky, they might even talk to you after that, but most of the time, you'll be ignored, especially if you have an issue with payment. Overall, you'll be wasting your time, and energy, and better off on some other site run that was developed by adults, instead of fly-by-night college kids who probably have never had actual jobs in their lives, based on their people skills.

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1 Review

Pretty cool platform you can be a student and tutor

September22, 2016

I'm a student at UNITEC - I found Studypool on facebook and ideally, signed up as a student, but I haven't posted a question yet since there's so much to acknowledge on the How It Works page. When I read about the tutor side I quickly applied and they accepted my app the next day! (which was pretty fast, and not sure why). So, at first I was lost, but after a few hours - it's actually extremely easy on how you can find work on this site. They use a "bidding framework" (I would call it) and since I'm studying BA, I only picked work that's related to business (this framework is categorized by academic subjects). Basically everything I came across was related to business since I'm fully in control of what I pick. The only chunk is the 30% they take from earnings which isn't bad as I'm seeing after reviewing other sites along these lines. I just withdrew my money so supposedly it should take 1-3 business days - oh and they are sending my payment via Paypal which is ideal. Overall, I like it and it does not seem "scammy" like a few other comments from other pages. I'm happy to be the first to review here!

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December 20, 2016

Hello my name is Amber from Studypool. I am in charge of Customer Happiness.
I am glad you’ve had a good experience on our site. Everyday we strive for greatness on our site and we are currently working on improving our user interface. We take all of your feedback into consideration.
You are more than welcome to continue using our site to post questions or answer questions as a tutor.
If you have any doubts, you can contact our Customer Service Representatives and they will gladly assist you.

Looking forward to see you on our site,

Amber S.
Studypool Customer Success

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