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Thin From Within, also known as The Truth About The Ketogenic Diet, is an exercise and diet program specifically designed for women. It was created by Brad Pilon, who won two national awards on the women’s health field.

He has devoted his life in finding the most effective weight loss solutions. While most weight loss principles that exist these days apply to men too, Brad Pilon wanted to particularly focus on women and their bodies’ metabolism to cater to their weight loss needs.

Finally, with years of research and practice, he was able to come up with this program that helps you lose weight in a healthy and simple way. It comes with detailed meal plans, workout plans and other helpful advices to help you achieve the weight you desire.


Thin From Within is a unique, multi-level plan that works differently from traditional diets. It uses an extensive technique of microbolic rebalancing and community support to get the best sustainable results you need.

This multi-phase approach achieves your weight loss goals in the most natural and healthiest way possible, without needing pills or other artificial resources. That said, microbolic rebalancing is designed to fix your gut bacteria balance.

In a human’s digestive system, there are intestinal bacteria that help process foods and nutrients. When there is an imbalance between good and bad bacteria, the body is unable to regulate the hormones these bad bacteria produce, resulting to unhealthy weight gain.

With microbolic rebalancing, you are introduced to strategies that will help you reclaim your digestive system’s balance of good and bad bacteria.

Through comprehensive meal plans, you are able to improve your digestion and immune system, which will eventually boost your metabolism and shred off the excess fat in your body.

Metabolic override is designed to follow up with microbolic rebalancing. Once you have already started to turn your metabolism back to its normal way, you are to optimize it through customized nutrition and exercises that accommodate your daily lifestyle.

How Does It Work?

On the first part of the program, you are introduced to the keto diet and how it reacts differently for each gender - male and female. It offers a faster result in losing weight compared to other mainstream diets and it also includes the long-term side effects that rapid weight loss may produce.

This program provides an in-depth comparison of the pros and cons of the keto diet that many other health experts hide from you. Basically, a keto diet is a low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet which puts your body in a metabolic state of ketosis.

You are then training your body to burn stored fats instead of sugar for energy. This is the truth about keto: you are to lose weight rapidly and effectively, but there are side effects which may not be for you.

On the second part, you are introduced to the comprehensive strategies of microbolic rebalancing and metabolic override, which helps you reduce your body’s excess stored fat healthily and sustainably.

This will return your body to its natural balance of healthy microflora by producing fat burning hormones that must be followed through by workouts customized to your ability, lifestyle, food preferences and schedule - backed by scientific studies and expert guidance.

Thin From Within is a long-term process that does not offer a band-aid fix or a temporary solution to weight loss from magic pills and other artificial weight loss supplements offered on the market.

Cost and Price Plans

For a limited time, they offer a Thin From Within digital download plus the complete physical collection of the program for only $37 - excluding shipping and handling fee. This provides you with an instant access to download Thin From Within, including its physical collection.

Customer Service

Backed with a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 full days from your purchase, if you are not totally satisfied, you will receive a refund within 48 hours after you have contacted their customer service department via email, toll-free number, or mail.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the product, you may email them directly at [email protected], or contact them by phone at 1-844-694-8446.

Online Reviews/Complaints

With mostly positive reviews and responses from verified customers, the program shows that positive results can be achieved through the long-term execution of workouts and the healthy diet offered.

With a detailed pros and cons presented by Brad Pilon, he offers a transparent take on his program that many other health advisers or gurus may have hidden from you.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you are unsure or unconvinced by this program, there are alternatives that you may also check online from other sources.

The Ketogenic Diet Simplified by Michael Headlee offers 2 ½ hours of on-demand video, 5 supplemental resources, full lifetime access and a certificate of completion with a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

The 3-week Ketogenic Diet also offers a money back 30-day guarantee for a 24/7 lifetime access on any device as well. Lastly, Rudy Mawer also offers the Metabolic Advantage Diet to burn more fat and lose weight faster.

Where to Buy?

You are able to purchase Thin From Within online via their secured website, which provides you with both a digital and physical copy of their program for a limited time offer.


Losing weight requires a lot of dedication and it does not happen overnight. If you feel that mainstream or traditional diet plans are not for you, consider Thin From Within, as it offers a comprehensive, healthy and sustainable weight loss program that will suit your lifestyle and needs.

That said, the information that has been presented is in no way intended as a substitute for medical treatment or medical advice. It is best to start this program in conjunction with your physician’s care and guidance.

Always seek medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider if you have questions related to your medical condition or overall health and well-being.

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