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About Travel Cheaters

Based in Arizona, Travel Cheaters is a travel site that aims to make flying as affordable as possible for everyone. By scouring the internet all day and all year long, Travel Cheaters wants to do all of the hard work for you by keeping an eye out for great deals from flyers.

Travel Cheaters stands out from the dozens of travel and booking websites, as they take a more proactive role in helping you search for the best prices. While many websites simply provide you with a list of airfares and rates, Travel Cheaters searches for the best deals at that very moment in time and notifies you.


Even in today’s world where air travel has become a means of mass transport rather than a luxury, air tickets are far from cheap or affordable. Typically, you’d spend time trawling websites searching for the best airfares and if you’re lucky, you might just save a few bucks.

Book a ticket too early and you might miss out on a discount, or book too late and you find yourself missing the flight entirely. As the average traveler has neither the time nor inclination to spend hours looking at airfares on the internet, Travel Cheaters may just be the service for you.

As claimed on their website, they work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help you scour the internet for the best deals out there. Thus, with Travel Cheaters, the best deals are sought out just for you without you having to do anything.

How Does It Work?

Travel Cheaters works by providing subscribers with a service that notifies them whenever affordable airfares have become available. All you need to do is head on over to and subscribe to their service.

For those who may be concerned, Travel Cheaters guarantees users that no spam will be sent to them. The team at Travel Cheaters works closely with airlines and travel agencies to source the most value-for-money deals available at that point in time. Hence, after signing up with them, you will receive daily notifications from their team whenever a great deal has been found.

Cost and Price Plans:

At the moment, Travel Cheaters is a free service that does not charge any subscription or registration fees to users. In order to make use of their service, one would just need to sign up on their website in order to start receiving notifications from them.

Customer Service:

At the moment, Travel Cheaters does not offer any after-sales service or support due to the nature of their free-to-use system. Customers interested in making use of their website should carefully review their terms of use and privacy policy before making any decisions. In addition to that, no addresses or contact details have been provided on the Travel Cheaters website.

Online Reviews and Complaints:

Thorough searches on Google and other search engines have not turned up any reviews with regards to Travel Cheaters at the moment. Strangely enough, most of the information on the internet with regards to their website is scant.

While there appears to be a single 5-star review on the Travel Cheaters website, the absence of any reviewing system or button may mean that the review on hand may be rather questionable. When booking a flight with them, do be careful and ensure that you double-check with the relevant parties in order to avoid any untoward incidents from occurring.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you’re keen on Travel Cheaters but you’d like to have a look at some other sites first, here are three other websites that offer the same service as Travel Cheaters.

A lot like Travel Cheaters, Singapore-based Zuji is a travel website that allows you to check and book tickets while also allowing you to rent cars, book hotels and even purchase travel insurance.

Next, similar to Zuji and Travel Cheaters, is another travel website that allows you to book air tickets, book hotels and even arrange for car rentals. A nifty feature offered by this website allows you to book both hotels and flight tickets simultaneously.

Lastly, FareCompare is a lot like the previous 2 websites, but offers more customization options. It has a service which alerts users whenever prices of their chosen air tickets fall, thus allowing you to get the drop on the best deals. Finally, FareCompare also has various travel deals and packages for the savvy traveller.

Other options include:,, and

Where to Buy?

You are able to use the services of Travel Cheaters by going to their website at

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1 Review

Scam indeed.. Must Pay Premium.

September13, 2018

I called the 800# and only received static. You cannot verify ANY information, as the site will only allow you to go Premium. $69.00 for the year BUT you don't know IF the prices are worth paying for the Premium Upgrade. I am also reporting to the Ripoff Report as they cannot be reached, the site wants money, it does not show you any flights or savings. Shame on you people!

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1 Review

Genius of a site!

August11, 2018

I double checked their fares with the airlines advertised and they were correct. The fares may be hidden on page 6 or so of an airlines fare sheet on line, but they are true and are accurate. I would never have believed it, until I did the research on them.
If you are not happy, you will get a refund on your money.

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1 Review

Bogus or Scam?

August4, 2018

After registering with my email, the only messages/mail I get are those attempting to get me to pay for an upgrade to their “premium” product. I have not received anything else from them but these messages trying to get money. Nope. Nada. I call this one SCAM!

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September 13, 2018

Tried the 800# to call and check on the information, all I received was static. The website would not give me any information. Travel Cheaters only wanted $69.00 to go Premium. So, indeed a scam as you cannot verify that you CAN save money. Also reporting the site to Ripoff Reports for those that do not to waste money!

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1 Review

Love it

June1, 2018

I've been looking for a good flight deal to Hawaii for several hours. I found one with these guys for HALF what I was about to pay for. My husband and I love getting their emails everyday. I tell everyone about it.

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August 11, 2018

I found after looking through their specials, and checking with the airline, that they were right on target with the fares advertised. Genius of a site! I would never have time to do this!

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