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About Ultimate Pet Nutrition

Dr. Gary Ritcher is one of the leading holistic veterinarians in the pet nutrition movement. Along with his book, The Ultimate Pet Health Guide, he’s developed powerful canine supplement called NutraThrive.

Dr. Ritcher believes that proper nutrition is the answer to even the most common pet health problems and concerns, including the rise of cancer in dogs. NutraThrive is made with hand-selected quality ingredients and no artificial ingredients, fillers, or preservatives.

There’s a massive variety of dog food options available in stores. Dr. Ritcher explains that the standard for pet nutrition is incredibly low and these brands only have to meet the minimum standard to be approved for sale. Even the bags that look appealing and healthy might not be as great as you would think.

NutraThrive was made to make up for the lack of vitamins and nutrients in conventional dog foods, to provide your dog with a well-rounded and balanced diet.


Nutra Thrive Canine Nutritional Supplement

NutraThrive is a bacon flavored powder supplement. It provides 40 different powerful ingredients to help support the whole body of your dog in a number of ways.

This canine supplement is helpful in balancing the good and bad bacteria of your dog’s gut with a powerful blend of four different probiotics. A healthy microbiome can improve and support a wide variety of bodily functions, even dental health and bad breath. It also contains antioxidants, vitamins, and digestive enzymes that promote healthy digestion and are easy to absorb.

Along with digestive support, NutraThrive also contains a special immune boosting Superfood Blend. As well as the Super Canine Blend that provides essential vitamins and minerals that help to boost your dog’s mood and energy, improve joint health, and support their heart and kidneys.

Some notable ingredients include:

  • Carrots 
  • Medicinal mushrooms
  • Spirulina & chlorella
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus 
  • Biotin
  • Kelp
  • Amino acids
  • Folic acid

How Does It Work?

NutraThrive powder supplement can be simply mixed in to your adult dogs’ own food. Depending on their size and weight, a helpful chart is provided with the product to tell you how much to serve. Dogs love the bacon flavor, so it’s very palatable and encourages them eat it all.

Cost and Price Plans

The Ultimate Pet Nutrition website offers a few different options when you’re buying NutraThrive. If you purchase one bottle of NutraThrive, the price is $69.99. However, you can save by buying in bulk. When you purchase 3 bottles, you’ll save 10% on the entire order and 15% off when you buy 6 bottles. All purchases receive free shipping.

It’s also worth noting that the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee if you don’t see a noticeable difference in your pet.

For a limited time, another much more affordable option is on www.ultimatedoghealth.com. After watching a promotional video, you’re offered one bottle at just $49.95 plus $4.95 for shipping. Or you can also choose another bulk offer: 3 bottles for $134.85 (36% off) or 6 bottles for $254.70(39% off) with free shipping for either.

Competitors and Alternatives

The pet industry is always growing. There are many options available when it comes to shopping for pet supplements and vitamins. Here are some possible alternatives to NutraThrive:

Zesty Paws Multivitamin for Dogs

Zesty paws offers a 5-in-1 formula that can be given to your dogs daily. It comes in chewable, pre-measured treats that contain ingredients like probiotics, digestive enzymes, glucosamine, and fish oil. The formula helps support an array of functions like digestive health, hip and joint function, immunity, and heart health. It’s also great to supporting healthy skin and coat.

One Container comes with a 90-day supply for $25.98.

NutiVet All-in-One

This is a 4-in-1 formulated by veterinarians to support your dog’s overall health. Digestive enzymes support a healthy digestive tract and a mix of omega fatty acids help promote healthy skin and coat. It also provides a good source of glucosamine and chondroitin for maintaining and supporting the joints. The soft, chewable treats are wheat free.

A 90-supply of NutriVey All-in-One is just $14.99 on Amazon.

Purina Fortiflora Canine Nutritional Supplement

Purina Fortiflora offers a blend of beneficial active probiotics for digestive support and strong immune system. It also has a high concentration of vitamins A, E and C, as well as antioxidants. One container costs $27.99 and comes with 30 servings of chewable treats that are specially flavored to be palatable for dogs.

Dr. Marty's Nature Blend is another option.

Where to Buy

NutraThrive can be purchased on the Ultimate Pet Nutrition website. This is where the bulk promotional offer and money back guarantee mentioned previously is available. Or you can find the limited time offer on the Ultimate Dog Health website.


NutraThrive by Ultimate Pet Nutrition offers 40 beneficial ingredients that support your dog’s overall health. Renowned veterinarian, Dr. Gary Ritcher, uses a mix of eastern and western medicine methods to formulate this powerful supplement.

Whether your dog is in poor health and needs a boost or you just want to maintain an already healthy dog, NutraThrive claims to be able to support the whole body, including: digestion, joints, organs, dental health, skin and coat, and energy levels.

The special blend comes in a powder form that can easily be sprinkled on top of your dog’s food. One container comes with 30 servings and can be bought in bulk to save you 10-15% on your entire purchase. The company also guarantees your money back for up to three months if you don’t notice a difference in your pet’s health and wellness.

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1 Review

Maggiepoo Love It

February10, 2019

Maggiepoo is doing great with Nutra Thrive.

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1 Review

Basset Hound Doing Well

February10, 2019

My 11-yr Basset Hound seems to be doing well on it. He seems to feel better. I’ve only given it to one of my three rescued basset hounds
Would like to give it to another one that also has medical issues. Shorty has diagnosed Pancreatitis. I have another with IBD.

So I have a question for the Dr
I purchased and I’m using for one of my 3 Bassets
The one I’m using it for has diagnosed pancreatitis. So I’m careful what he gets. He eats SCience Diet low fat ID
He’s been on the NutriThrive for 10 days and I already see a big difference! He’s running and playing again. AROooooinf again. Not as lethargic. Not sleeping as much. And he’s even playing with all of his toys again!! He’s a rescue, so unsure of the exact age, but he’s at least 10-yrs old.
My question is about another of my Rescued bassets. He’s at least 10 also. And after months of suffering and multiple vet visits and finally a specialist in Columbus OH, he was diagnosed with IBD (horrible disease) He now eats Royal Canine selected proteins, venison and duck, etc
I’m hesitant to give him the NutriThrive because of his sensitivity since it’s flavored with bacon

Question - can a dog with IBD safely be administered NutriThrive?

Thanks for your response.

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Shiny coat

February9, 2019

My lab has been on this for 15 days and I can see an improvement in her coat fur sure. She is shedding less and her coat shines. I primarily wanted to try this to see if it would alleviate her scratching but I haven’t seen any improvement. Since she weighs 70 lbs, this stuff is too costly for me at a cost of $100/month (she gets fed 2 scoops a day) so I won’t be continuing it.

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Great supplement for older dog.

February9, 2019

Have been giving this to my 14 year old husky mix for about 2 weeks now. She clearly feels better and has more energy. No improvement so far in her arthritis limping.
I've been sharing with my family how bouncy and energetic she is a supper time each day. I've been joking that she must not have gotten the memo that she is an OLD DOG.
I will continue to give her the supplement and am planning to start giving it to my younger dog also. He doesn't need any more energy but I want to keep him in good health for a long life.

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review author image
1 Review

Day and night difference

February9, 2019

11 years old shietsue (Maggie) went from no gas to gas pedal pressed .with help from pain medicine she’s seems pretty good. I Remember when she was just weeks old to really being old ,she’s lost her eye sight few years back

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