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About United Naturals Synbiotic 365

Everyday consumers are constantly bombarded with ads showcasing cure-all solutions that apparently claim to have the solution for the root cause of all our bodily issues. Some are cash grabs, while others have some substantial and genuine research to back their product up.

United Naturals with their Synbiotic 365 claim to have the answers. Procured by Dr. Vincent Pedre who graduated with honors from the University of Miami School of Medicine and has appeared on several medical shows such as Dr. Oz, this synbiotic is claimed to tackle the root cause of all your problems.

But does the science hold up? Is it a scam?


Synbiotic 365 are capsuled supplements containing both prebiotic and probiotic ingredients that are designed to boost your gut’s health by promoting the growth of good bacteria. The supplement itself contains a plethora of different vitamin Bs and natural ingredients, all designed for good bacterial growth.

The supplements come pre-packaged. They are relatively small compared to other supplements. This is deliberate so United Naturals can control the quality of the product.

Some minor side effects of taking the product are occasional bloating and indigestion, but only for a minority of consumers.

How Does It Work?

Synbiotics work on the principle that the root cause for many of our bodily dysfunctions (bowl discomfort, skin problems, etc) are caused by issues in the gut. Specifically, “bad” bacteria.

All Synbiotic 365 is trying to accomplish is create an environment that promotes good bacteria to flourish. Research has shown this is vital to health. They aim to create a microbiome in your gut that discourages the growth of bad bacteria.

The lack of good bacteria and the increase in bad bacteria is what causes many health problems either directly or indirectly such as by causing the leaky gut syndrome. It not only only creates conditions that increase the chances of good bacteria growing (by using an advanced prebiotic formula). It also introduces those same good bacteria (by using an advanced probiotic formula).

It’s recommended you take at least one Synbiotic 365 a day along with a glass of water or with your food.

Cost and Price Plans

The United Naturals website allows customers to purchase either one box or 3 box/6 box bundles. The price plans will vary depending on when you buy the product, but usually, you can buy the one box for around $50.

But you can get 3 boxes for around $120 which will save you a couple bucks or really make some saving by purchasing the 6 box bundle which costs around $230 or so which would give customers around $50 worth of savings.

However, if you decide to subscribe to their website you can get 10% off any purchase you make from United Naturals. 
On top of that, for 30 days after receiving the product, United Natural promises to send your money back guaranteed.

Customer Service

You can contact United Natural’s phone number at 1-844-794-7728.  Vincent Pedre himself can be contacted on his twitter account or emailed at [email protected] and the doctor’s own phone number can be contacted at (212) 860-8300.

Their address is 16192 Coastal Hwy, Lewes

Online Reviews/Complaints

So, does it work? Overall, it seems Synbiotic 365 actually seems to work with customers having overwhelmingly positive reviews for the product. Whether its placebo or not, regardless of individuals taking the product immediately feel improvements in cognition, gut health, skin problems, and other issues reported earlier caused by bad bacteria and good bacterial deficiency.

The only issue is that the product is a bit more on the pricier side of things, however, in relation to other similar products, Synbtioic 365 is actually fairly inexpensive.

Competitors and Alternatives

Seed is another daily probiotic plus prebiotic taken in supplemental form. They claim to have over 24 different clinical studies backing the research up that goes into each pill. They provide two different kinds of supplements: ones that are made for just women and one that is made for just men.

Comparing Synbiotic 365 vs Seed, Seed has a better specification for their supplements and thus more variety then Synbiotic does. They also provide a monthly shipment rather than a onetime use, so if you buy it you’re locked in.

SB3, from Puori and also working off the probiotic plus prebiotic formula, also includes essential fibers and other vitamins such as vitamin C. Comparing Synbiotic 365 vs SB3, SB3 seems to be a bit cheaper then Synbiotic 365. On top of that, they don’t just come in pill form but rather a mix of sorts. They also provide 20% off their subscribers just like United Naturalist does.

Another top contender you might want to consider is Synbiotic Plus, which as it says in the name, uses both pre/probiotic ingredients to improve gut health. Comparing Synbiotic 365 vs Synbiotic plus, they both treat similar symptoms and have similar ingredients. However, where they differ largely is their price, as Synbiotic plus is considerably more expensive then Synbiotic 365.

Where to Buy?

You can buy the product either by going to Vincent Pedre MD’s website, United Naturalist’ website or you can get it both on Amazon and eBay.


Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you think Synbiotic 365 is worth the purchase. The science, although plausible, isn’t exactly confirmed by medical journals universally. This is because leaky gut syndrome and conditions pertaining to it are relatively recent in the public domain. However, customer satisfaction with the product is fairly positive. This gives this dietary supplement a ton of credit to its name.

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1 Review

Check with your doctor before taking this.

March20, 2019

After a month taking this Synbiotic-365-I started to feel some movement in my lower abdominal area. It was not painful, but very scary. My tummy moving or my intestines? Made an appointment with my doctor. I stopped taking this pills and that scary movement stopped as well.

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1 Review

Very pleased

February6, 2019

I received my order from this company in less than a week, and my credit card was charged correctly. I have only been taking the capsules as directed before breakfast with a full glass of water for a week. My gut has been completely calm, no pain, which is a welcome change. I have also given up sugar, gluten, and wine during this period. I will be adding these items one week at a time in about four weeks. I hope the calm will remain!

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March 17, 2019

How many capsules in a box? I can't find that anywhere on website... Thanks... Have a blessed day!

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1 Review

Looking Like A Scam

February5, 2019

Purchase January 10,2019, and it is now February 4, 2019 and I have yet to receive my order. My CC has been billed almost $500.00.

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March 19, 2019

Are you crazy, or just stupid? You had better hurry up and dispute the charges against your credit card before it really gets out of hand! Did you sign up for $550 worth of this product? You must have gotten mixed up with an entirely different organization, because whether it's a scam or not, they charged me the accurate amount, and I just got off the phone with the good doctor, who reminded me that I had up to 60 days after the order to request a refund, which he swore he would make good on. It sounds like you may be pushing the 60 day deal, so go for the refund now!!

March 21, 2019

WHEN I listened to the good doctor he said that there is only a 30 days return policy, better pay more attention!

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1 Review

Charges too high

January18, 2019

I was charged over $400.00 on my charge card. I'm sure that's not what I agreed to. I spoke with customer service and I'm returning them. CS was pleasant and answered the phone promptly .

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February 05, 2019

I am just outside Toronto,Ontario. Placed an order for 365 on January 1, 2019. It is now Febtyary 4, 2019. I have yet to receive order, and have been charged just under$500 on my cc by UNITED NATURALs. Going go call my cc and investigate charge as this is smelling more like a scam.

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