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Vonage is perhaps the best known provider of VoIP services in the United States because they were one of the first well established companies to provide these services and to promote them with a nationwide ad campaign.

Voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, is a specialized voice communication offered by companies that are able to use high speed internet connections to route voice communications rather than traditional phone line.

VoIP service has changed the face of “landline” communication and is rapidly growing in popularity for both businesses and residences, as evidenced by the growth of companies offering this service, like BasicTalk, Ooma, Magic Jack Plus and more.

While Vonage says that their services are cheaper in cost and superior in quality to that of most companies that offer domestic phone services, they really go out of their way to emphasize the savings they can provide to their customers who make sense of long distance and international phone calls.

For customers that are interested in those specific services, Vonage.com offers a feature that will allow you to input the countries that you call regularly and they will show you the plan which include that country and how much they cost.

According to the website, you can set up the Vonage system completely by yourself, simply by plugging the Vonage box into your internet router and then plugging a standard home phone into the box itself. Customers who have a more complicated system may ask a Vonage tech to come and install the system for them if necessary.

Currently, this company is offering an introductory rate of $9.99 a month for the first three months after you sign up, and then $26.99 a month afterward, as long as you sign up for a full years’ worth of service.

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