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Whole Body Research, found online at WholeBodyResearch.com, is a company that sells nutritional supplements and says they have a product which alleviates a health condition which currently affects 70% of the US population.

Whole Body Research has been reviewed in the past for selling nutritional weight loss supplements like garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones, as well as nutritional supplements meant to boost your general health like fish and krill oil.

The current product they are selling is a supplement containing fourteen different powerful strains of probiotics, which they call Keybiotics. This supplement is meant to attack a “parasite” called Candida.

According to the video presentation on WholeBodyResearch.com, Candida is a bacteria which naturally occurs in the human digestive tract. Many different kinds of bacteria, good and bad, exist in the digestive tract naturally, and as long as your body maintains a balance of 80% good bacteria to 20% bad bacteria, the presentation says you will be in good health.

But Candida is a type of yeast bacteria which thrives on refined sugars and sweeteners, which unfortunately are added to a large percentage of packaged foods as a means of adding flavor without adding fat.

This leads to an abundance of Candida growing in your digestive tract and overwhelming the good bacteria, leading to a large number of health conditions, like fatigue, weight gain, trouble sleeping, and much more.

Taking probiotics can help restore the proper bacterial balance in your digestive system, relieving many of these conditions and leading to better overall health. They claim their specific blend of probiotics – Keybiotics – is the strongest available probiotic supplement on the market today, and can help you start feeling better from your very first dose and can have your body back to good health in just three weeks.

A one month supply is priced at $39.99, three bottles cost $89.95, and six bottles cost $159.95. Their website also says that if you do not see “fast, dramatic improvements” you can receive a no questions asked refund within 90 days of ordering the product.

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your Whole Body Research reviews below.

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Keybiotics! A Winner!

March3, 2014

I recently ordered a one month supply of the Keybiotics. I am always trying new products to help maintane balance in my body. When researching the ingredients in the Keybiotics, it appeared that they had more to offer than the regular probiotic I had been using.
I struggle with balance in my gut. Normal consumption of breads and grains seem to upset my tummy and cause gas and bloating. Indulging in sugary foods or or eating out at restaurants is unsettling. Without my probiotics, I feel sluggish and tired, my body doesn't feel "normal".

I was a little skeptical (as always) about the Keybiotics so I decided to try only a one month supply. Well, it didn't last a month. After my husband saw a difference in me just after a week or so of using, he started taking them and said, "Hey hon, you better order another bottle of that stuff".

He was sleeping better, had more energy, better elimination, less cravings for sugary foods and his overall mood had lightened.

I am placing my order today!

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March 30, 2014

Just saw the video but i dont know why im still skeptic. Going for the first month try and keeping my fingers crossed for good results

May 22, 2015

Smacks of Trolls on the payroll ...a seller of BS rip off stuff just needs a few voices chiming in about HOW GOOD something is and gullible morons can't wait to become victims ...over and over and over and over again ...it is embarrassing to share any kind of identity with the gullible!

If there is not multiple, verifiable double blind studies of big name REAL universities and lots of discussion in the media etc about ANY kind of miraculous sounding product or cure or whatever ...it is 99.999999% going to be nothing but a hype to defraud you out of your money by playing on fear etc .....are you REALLY going to allow yourself to be a victim? ANOTHER victim?? Or a victim AGAIN? How many times does it take for some idiots??

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Unlock the Power of Keybiotics

March2, 2014

At a friends suggestion that I ought to give probiotics a try, as after only one week his girlfriend had lost 9 lbs. and noticed her intestinal issues had dramatically improved. We had similar stomach problems so this prompted me taking a trip to the store where I was instantly overwhelmed with the many different brands with a wide range in prices. Needless to say, at that point I left empty handed.
I began researching online and still had not been able to determine which was my best bet. It was one night watching videos on youtube (unrelated to topic) that my mind was made up. During the course of watching videos a promo called "The American Parasite" caught my eye. I could not believe what I had stumbled across, here was in a nutshell the answer to all my stomach issues.
The effects, I'm pleased to say, have all been positive, not one negative side effect to tell. I have now been taking Keybiotics for 21 days and I am utterly amazed in the difference it has made in such a very short period of time. I am no longer experiencing the issues that have plagued me for years. I have not had the bleeding in my intestines, the bloating I struggle with daily is significantly less obvious, no pain or nausea and although I don't know how much, I have lost weight. I took body measurements before beginning this product and last week had lost nearly 2 inches from my mid section. This has been life changing, I may have found my magic pill in Keybiotics.
Thank you Whole Body Research.
T Bender

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It really works

March2, 2014

I was reading Yahoo News when I saw a link for Keybiotics. The video was easy to understand and fun to view.

When I saw "Psoriasis", my eyes and ears perked up! I have Psoriasis.

I bought a bottle for a trial run and was very doubtful the first 3 weeks. Then, during the 4th week I thought I saw a little improvement.

I'm into my 2nd bottle and am experiencing definite improvement!

I'm glad I saw the whole video with red wormy thing (candida) and all!

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January 27, 2015

I ordered this product about a year ago, and it ended up working great for me. I didn't order more because of the price, but now I feel that I need to get some more to help all around with some problems I've been having. As a massage therapist I have been recommending this to everyone. The actual product gets 5 stars from me, however the business side only receives 4 because of the gimmicky side of the business. You can get a better price on the probiotics, but only if... (Gimmicks) I do love the product though!!!

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Keybiotics, it works!

March1, 2014

After taking keybiotics I've never felt how I do now. I don't feel sluggish and wake up refreshed every morning. I feel like I have a strong immune system because during these winter times I see everyone with a cold or flu but my body feels it operating at it very best. I used to crave sweets and I can honestly say I can go through days without even thinking about eating unhealthy snacks. Thanks Whole Body Research for creating such a break through product.

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You can TRUST Whole Body Research Products

March1, 2014

I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years. Most recently I have noticed a yearly weight gain of 15 lbs. A few years ago my body swelled to the point I felt I would burst out of my clothes.

Someone suggested I give up gluten. Sure enough, the swelling came down but the weight continued to mount. I was going nuts trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I don’t eat meat, fried foods, wheat, or drink soda regularly. Yet my stomach would bloat after every meal. I always felt thirsty and craved chocolate. After meals I would eliminate immediately. I felt tired all the time, slept restlessly and my hair was falling out in the shower. I was very concerned and prayed for a solution.

Then I saw the video-toon and everything made sense. I knew I had to research probiotics. I compared all the brands available on the market and decided to give Whole Food Research Keybiotics a try. I noticed an immediate difference. The bloating and the cravings for chocolate are gone. I ate a piece of chocolate for Valentine’s Day and it tasted nasty! I no longer eliminate after meals. I sleep soundly. I feel more energized. My hair isn’t falling out anymore. I lost 10 pounds in the first month and I wake up with a fresh feeling mouth.

When Dr Oz brought Garcinia Cambogia to the attention of the public I wanted to buy some. Unfortunately, too many choices with varying reviews kept me from doing so. After the immediate results I experienced with Keybiotics I didn’t hesitate to try the Garcinia Cambogia from Whole Body Research. In just a few days, I noticed my body reducing in size. My clothes fit loose and I feel very satisfied after every meal. I have no need for snacks and find that smaller portions now completely satisfy me.

In addition, my 83 y/o mother suffers from acid reflux. Medication stopped the burping but left her with a dry cough. She’s tried a hundred remedies to alleviate it without results. I gave her a bottle of Whole Body Research Keybiotics. Within the first month, she stopped coughing. She now enjoys eating again. And most of all, she is also regular! I now have a healthy, happy momma.

Thank you so much for your products. I’ve been telling everyone I know about Keybiotics. If people really love those around them they would share it too. I look forward to trying other Whole Body Research products in the future.

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April 12, 2014

Buyer be ware.

Id this a joke? How can a company that is so abusive in their processing possibly be anything but a fraud. When I placed my order and gave them my credit card number they threw screen after screen after screen of additional advertising at me until I gave up and killed the window.

Immediately they hit my credit account. They took my money even though they kept putting up screens that said, "Your order is not finished yet."

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