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About Yodle

Yodle is a company that specializes in coordinating and designing internet marketing strategies that will help your company become more successful in the online marketplace.

Yodle’s services include website design and updates, as well as website content and copy, whether or not you already have a website. In addition they offer online advertising and analytic services so you know exactly how your website is performing.

There are three different packages that Yodle offers. One is designed for Long Term Performance, one is designed for Quick Results, and the third is the Complete Package.

As each website will require specific needs, Yodle must do an assessment before they can give you a price quote. However, they do offer a free quote, as well as give you an opportunity to sign up for a free demo to see what they do.

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Tim Young

Marketing organization with lousy product and poor customer service

November2, 2012

Spent $1,000 per month for 3.5 months and got mostly spam contacts. Throughout the whole process I begged them to revise the canned content on my website. It was illiterate and embarrassing. It took them a full 30 days to remove the statement that I accept credit cards... I am a Realtor. Each time they called me they had a different excuse as to why there were no results.

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Michele G.

Ripped off?

October4, 2012

Terrible experience with Yodle. I used their services for one month, then decided that my advertising dollars would be better spent elsewhere. I called to cancel my account several days before my month was up. They put a high-pressure salesman on the phone who became more and more rude, patronizing, and disrespectful. I finally insisted that he cancel my account. He said it was done and hung up on me. Several days later, I see a charge on my credit card for another month's service. I called Yodle customer service and was told that yes, their records indicated I had cancelled, and that they would reverse the charges. That was several days ago, but the charge is still on my account. I have now had to dispute the charges with my bank. I've also filed a complaint with the BBB.

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